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Rattle Workshop

This workshop is about FUN!!!

You will work with fused glass, metal and wood in this mixed-material class.

Explore your relationship with symbolic imagery and create a ceremonial art object, your personal rattle. In this class we will work with Bullseye sheet glass, frits, silver foil, and a plastic decorating bag to apply “liquid glass” lines, using various techniques that La Londe has developed. We will cut the rattle form out of aluminum 16″ – 20″ tall, attach a wooden handle, attach two glass hemispheres to create the rattle, and make a display stand.

Mandala workshop websiteAdvanced Mandala plus Cave Painting We begin by designing a Mandala and over three days using “tested compatible” Bullseye 3 mm and 6 mm sheet glass, crushed glass frit mixtures, the liquid glass line method, multiple firings, we will create glass tiles. Using a rotary diamond engraver we will etch a pattern into silver foil and fuse into glass tiles. Then we will fabricate an aluminum mounting system and adhere these tiles into a pattern to create our 14″ x 14″ Mandala wall piece. On the fourth day we will use a digital stencil cutter along with the liquid glass line and silver foil to create imagery for our multi-layer 10″ x 10″ Cave Painting which we will mount on aluminum for wall hanging. This is an advanced workshop and you should be able to cut glass.

Master Class
Make larger fused glass pieces and take your art to a professional level! Participants in this Master Class will design and make a 20″ x 20″ wall piece with an aluminum backing plate – ready to hang on your wall. You will also fabricate a “La Londe-style” wavy stainless steel mold.We will work in the hot shop of Island Glass Studio with Rob Adamson where you will decorate and hand-roll sheet glass – one of these sheets will then be slumped into your metal mold. We will blow a glass piece. You will watch and learn from Michael Stadler who will photograph our glass art and then we will pack our glass work and metal mold to safely ship home.You should be proficient in glass cutting, glass fusing, and also have attended one of my workshops where you learned the “liquid glass line” technique, or by instructor’s permission. This Master class is limited to 6 artists and your participation will approved by instructor.