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Feb 7, 8 Frit Fusing Rattarart Studio
Redmond, WA
(425) 868-0818

March 12-14 Frit Fusing Eugene Glass School
Eugene, OR
(541) 342-2959

May 14-16 Frit Fusing Vitrum Studio
Beltsville, MD
(301) 595-0736
May 17 Precious Metal Leaf
May 18 Glory Hole
May 19 Glory Hole

June 12-14 Frit Fusing Oregon Glass Guild Hood River, OR

Sept 10,11,12 Frit Fusing Portland Glass Guild Hillsboro, OR

October 1-3 Frit Fusing Richard La Londe Studio
Whidbey Island
Download PDF Flyer Here
Freeland, WA
(360) 730-2166

October 24 Glory Hole Eugene Glass School
Eugene, OR
(541) 342-2959
October 25 Precious Metal Leaf

November 6 Precious Metal Leaf Rattarart Studio
Redmond, WA
(425) 868-0818

November 13 Glory Hole Oregon Glass Guild Hood River, OR
November 14 Precious Metal Leaf

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Fusing Frit Imagery with Richard La Londe (A Three Day Workshop)This is an ambitious workshop!Explore ways to create imagery in your fusing projects with frit!Richard La Londe is known for his brightly colored images drawn with crushed glass and fused into murals and vessels. Students will warm up their design ideas with “touch drawing” monoprints on paper. We will then work with ” crystal clear sheet, crushed glass frit mixtures, a liquid glass line, multiple firings, and using various techniques that La Londe has developed, create three 9″ x 9″ tiles and a 7″ x 7″ bowl. We will also construct wall mounting systems for two of the tiles. Demonstrations, firing schedules, and slide shows will roundout this workshop. This is an opportunity to study and interact with a pioneer in glass fusing.


Precious Metal Leaf with Richard La Londe (One Day – Limit 8 Students)In this workshop you will learn how to apply gold and silver leaf to your projects and how to fuse gold and silver foils.You will adhere gold foil to glass and etch a design into it, then cover this with a piece of clear glass, apply more gold and silver foil to the top surface and fire the tile.Students will also sandblast a design into another glass tile and apply gold leaf to the surface and also leaf the back of the tile. Techniques will be demonstrated, glass, leaf, foil, and special tools will be supplied.


Glory Hole Workshop with Richard La Londe (One Day – Limit 8 Students)

Using a small glory hole, (a gas fired reheating furnace), each participant will pull various types of glass threads and canes to fuse into their work. Using a larger glory hole we will bundle glass strips, heat and pull them into pattern bars. These will later be cut with a diamond saw. Building your own glory hole will be discussed and photographic slides will add to this advanced workshop. Glass and hot glass equipment will be supplied for this workshop.


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